More than just one simple answer

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The article "Single Black Attitude" was a barrage of half-truths and distortion. The answer to the question "Why are there so many single black women?" attributed to me in the paper was completely different to what I said in the interview. I stated thatthere were countless reasons why there were so many single black women.

I went on to state the reasons, which did not appear in the article. I said, firstly some couples found out that there was virtually no compatability between them and their partners, after going out for some time. Also media role models such as James Bond and Clint Eastwood give negative, stereotypical impressions to young men in regards to treatment of women. Also, I made reference to the fact that many young black men were unaware of the historical role women played in the development of society, and how their roles differed in various cultures.

As for my supposed support for the views advocated by two boys quoted in the piece - "Don't believe any guy who tells you he wants a strong independent woman. All men want women who will serve them and do exactly what they want. And don't believe any manwho tells you he loves you" - I categorically deny such unsavoury nonsense. I applaud strong positive womanhood. It is strong families that produce strong nations.