Some recent news stories that you may have missed:

Prehistoric sex

The male tyrannosaurus may have used its front limbs to hold the female steady while making love, according to some delegates at the Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology meeting in Pittsburgh. The use of T Rex's arms provoked hot debate at the congress, with other theories suggesting scavenging, fighting and just flapping around.

Fish sex

A species of fish has been discovered off the coast of Japan that can change sex at will, altering the structure of its genitalia and brain to match the social occasion. The discovery may have implications for the study of human transsexuality.

Bad sex

A man in Vicenza, Italy, rang a police emergency number after an unsatisfying encounter with a prostitute. He wanted the police to help him get his money back. They are considering whether to charge him with abusing an emergency number.

Sex strike

Amsterdam prostitutes are threatening to go on strike in protest against more stringent regulations on brothel-keeping.

Better than sex

According to a survey on attitudes to puddings, British women are twice as likely to round off an intimate evening by eating a gateau as in an intimate embrace. Treacle tart was deemed the best value.

Sex stops films

Malaysian airports have stopped screening in-house videos after 30 seconds of a pornographic movie was shown at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. A man has been detained for questioning.

Offensive sex organ

An animal rights group has been censured for using a picture of John Wayne Bobbit's severed penis in an advert about seal culling.

Now wash your hands

A survey has shown that while women generally wash their hands more frequently than men, men are more likely to do so before making love.