World famous paranormal practitioner Uri Geller recalls his worst car
IT WAS the first big money that I had earned from my paranormal work, and I decided to invest that in a brand new car. I'd had a couple of used cars previously, but needed a reliable vehicle, which how I came to own a Peugeot 404.

I believed the advertising. At that time, around 1970, the Peugeot was being sold as a luxury car which was also very strong. That was precisely what I needed, because I had a long journey to and from Jerusalem every day. However, the first time I used the Peugeot I found out just how bad it was.

I could not believe how it struggled up the hills. People on bicycles would be overtaking me. The Peugeot got progressively slower and slower, and just before I thought it would come to a halt, it finally reached the brow of the hill. After that it would pick up speed on the way down.

It was truly awful. I had it checked out by several garages, but they could not find any problem with it. I put up with it for about a year, and then got rid of it. I thought no more about that 404 until four years ago.

I was in Brazil in 1994, and every day I jog. I was with my son Daniel, and we were in a suburb of Rio de Janiero, when I saw the front of an old Peugeot poking out from a garage. I remember saying to my son that I had a car like that more than 20 years ago.

As I got closer, though, I became convinced that it actually was my old 404. We finally went over and looked through the window. On the dashboard I spotted a sticker which said F N Handguns, which was the make of gun I owned when I lived in Israel. So it was definitely my car.

If I had come across my old worst car in Cyprus, that would not have been so much of a surprise. So how on earth it had ended up on the other side of the world, I will never really understand.

Presumably, someone knew it was my old car and had it shipped out there. But if anyone else has another explanation, I'd love to hear it.

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