A new exhibition showcasing the world's first hybrid vehicle goes on display May 10 at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

'Ferdinand Porsche - hybrid automobile pioneer'
May 10 - June 13
Stuttgart, Germany

This exhibition offers fans of the Porsche brand and hybrid vehicles to get a look at an early automotive icon, the 'Semper Vivus'. This machine was completed 111 years ago, was the world's first battery-electric vehicle and has been painstakingly rebuilt by engineers at the Porsche Museum.

91st Barcelona International Motor Show

May 14 - 20
Barcelona, Spain

The biennial Barcelona show is a chance for southern Europe's automakers to show off the latest models to the crowds, which numbered just over a million in 2009. The event takes place at the same time as the Spanish Grand Prix, making it a great weekend for motoring enthusiasts to visit the city.

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Connected Traveler Technology Showcase
May 23
San Francisco, CA, USA

The inside of our vehicles are set to change beyond recognition in the comng years and automakers leverage new technology to bring drivers closer to the digital world - this Silicon Valley event highlights some of the latest technology, from GPS to smartphones to augmented reality.

4th Annual China Green Transport Summit & Exhibition
May 24-25
Hainan, China

China is looking for a way to propel itself into the global lead on alternative energy vehicles and this conference will feature a series on insightful discussions on how it might realize that goal. Speakers from several major global automakers will look at issues such as battery technology and motors, as well as other factors such as government incentives and local infrastructure.

19th Kyiv International SIA 2011 Motor Show
May 25 - 29
Kiev, Ukraine

Four hundred exhibitors are expected to attend the 19th Kiev Motor Show, an event which highlights the trends and tastes of the rapidly growing automotive markets in eastern Europe and Russia. As well as the big names, look out for manufacturers from China as they begin launching more vehicles overseas.


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