Beijing's Auto China 2010 motor show has set records in terms of attendance, according to the organizers.

The show, which closed May 2 after a six-day public run, is expected to reach 800,000 visitors, reports Chinese news agency Xinhua. Over 700,000 had attended by May 1, with 145,900 pouring into the Beijing China Exhibition Centre on May 1, the labour day public holiday.

The show has confirmed China's status as the largest car market in the world and was as well attended by western automakers as it was by Chinese brands. New supercars, some developed specially for the Chinese market, were unveiled by European favorites Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari, with Bentley describing China as one of its fastest growing markets.

US manufacturers were also in attendance, with GM and its joint ventures showcasing 37 vehicles. Among them, the MPV concept adaptation of the Chevrolet Volt made the biggest splash, leading a range of MPVs from a number of GM brands specifically engineered for the Chinese market.

Ford, with its largest display ever, debuted the new Ford Edge to the region alongside the global Ford Focus, which will hit Chinese roads in 2012. Ford's concept model, the "Start," also drew considerable interest, with its 1.0 litre engine "inspired by the world's fast-growing mega cities."

Perhaps the most notable theme of the show was China's adoption of electric vehicles, with the exhibits at Auto China confirming that the region is likely to quickly overtake the west in its take-up of EV technology.

A dozen Chinese brands are said to be developing EVs for mass production, a significant figure given the size and growing purchasing power of the population.

BYD showed its new E6 electric vehicle to considerable acclaim, while Geely also drew much attention, debuting its new hybrid "Intelligent Geely" IG concept, complete with gullwing doors and 80km range. The firm says that five alternative fuel vehicles for mass production will be marketed in 2 years.

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