Hyundai's US product range will average at least 50 miles per gallon (4.7 l/100km) by 2025, the company's boss John Krafcik announced August 4.

Using a mix of both gasoline, hybrid and fuel cell/battery vehicles, he said that he was "very confident" that Hyundai would meet the goal - although he admitted that they don't "know precisely how to get there right now."

Despite the effectiveness of hybrid and electric technology in achieving the goal, Krafcik said that about 80 percent of the fleet would probably still use traditional gas engines.

The announcement could add pressure to other US automakers to pledge fuel efficiency levels above those that are federally mandated.

US authorities require automakers to have an average fuel efficiency of 35.5 mpg (6.62 l/100km) by 2016, compared to European regulations which will mandate around 42 mpg (5.6 l/100km) by 2015 and Japanese regulations which work out to just under 40 mpg (5.88 l/100km).

This leaves US automakers with considerable room for improvements, although according to government statistics, Hyundai is already in the lead in the US, slightly ahead of Honda and well ahead of Volkswagen.

The most fuel-efficient automakers in the US
(EPA Figures, US MPG)

1 Hyundai (30.9)
2 Honda (30.1)
3 Volkswagen (27.9)
4 Toyota (29)
5 Kia (28.8)
6. Nissan (27.6)
7. BMW (26.3)
8 Ford (24.5)
9 General Motors (24.4)
10 Chrysler (24.2)

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