French automaker Peugeot is to debut the first diesel hybrid car in the world at the Paris Motor Show, the brand has announced.

Peugeot says that the combination of a diesel engine with an electric motor will make for a more fuel-efficient vehicle than current petrol-electric hybrids on the market such as the Toyota Prius.

Its new 3008 crossover will use a 2.0 litre diesel engine alongside a 37bhp electric motor to achieve fuel consumption of 74.4 miles per gallon or 3.16 l/100km.

Using the "ZEV" (Zero Emissions Vehicle" mode, the 3008 can operate as an electric vehicle on a Nickel Metal Hydride battery for short urban journeys.

In a nod to the widespread use of the more efficient Lithium-Ion batteries in modern electric vehicles, Peugeot stated that "in the medium term, this [Nickel Metal Hydride] battery technology remains the most appropriate in terms of cost and industrialisation for vehicles produced in large volumes."

With both motors engaged, the 3008 will be able to act as a four-wheel drive vehicle at low speeds, with 300 Nm of torque coming from the diesel engine to the front wheels and 200 Nm from the electric motor to the rear wheels.

Other features include a six-speed gearbox, a "stop & start" engine and a head-up display system.

Mazda has also been unveiling its line-up for the Paris show, one of the largest of the year.

Among the brand's offerings is an upgraded Mazda2 and a more economical Mazda5, featuring a 15 percent emissions reduction thanks to a smaller diesel engine.

The Paris Motor Show runs in Paris October 2-17.

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