Automakers issue recalls for 750,000 cars in the US

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Chrysler and Volkswagen have issued separate recalls for nearly 750,000 cars in the US.

Chrysler is to recall over 367,000 Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles, citing a potential leak that could lead to inadvertent airbag deployment.

The vehicles, both from model year 2008, have a defective grommet in the heating and air conditioning system, Chrysler said, which could cause a water leak.

The brand has already issued a recall for 76,000 Dodge Ram trucks this week for potential problems with their brake lights.

Volkswagen, meanwhile, has issued a recall for a reported 377,000 models in the US, taking 2007-2009 Jetta, Jetta Sportswagen, Golf and Rabbit models off the road for repairs, as well as 2006-2010 New Beetle and New Beetle Convertible vehicles equipped with 2.5 liter engines.

In documents filed with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Volkswagen of America said that the models contained a small plastic tab on the windshield washer reservoir that could chafe against a fuel supply line.

This year has seen a slew of US recalls from major brands, following Toyota's massive gas pedal recall in January 2010.

According to data released December 14 from J.D. Power and Associates, the recalls have "caused some consumers to be hesitant in considering certain brands" when purchasing.

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