Automotive recall recap

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This week has seen a series of high profile recalls in the US and around the world. Here, a recap of the key news and websites for owners to find out more.

Toyota Worldwide Acceleration Recalls

Toyota has recalled around 5.8 million vehicles globally due to issues with a sticking accelerator pedal. In the US, the recall has been compounded by potential floor mat interference with the accelerator pedal. Dates and models vary and consumers should check their local Toyota site for further info.

The seven models being recalled in Europe include the Aygo, iQ, Yaris, Auris, Corolla, Verso, and Avensis, and cover manufacturing dates going back to February 2005.

In the US, they include some models of the RAV4, Corollas, Matrix, Avalons, Camrys, Highlander, Tundra, and Sequoia, and cover dates going back to October 2005.


PSA Peugeot Citroën European Accelerator Recall

Due to some shared parts with Toyota models, PSA Peugeot Citroën has also announced that it plans to recall some Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 models that were produced in a joint facility. Nearly 100,000 vehicles will be recalled by the group, which is contacting affected customers directly.

2010 Toyota Prius

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into reports of "inconsistent" braking in the new Prius models. Toyota is yet to issue a recall, but says it is investigating the matter.

Honda Jazz Worldwide Electric Window Recalls

Honda has asked 646,000 Jazz owners worldwide to take their cars back to dealerships for an examination of the master power window switch, as part of a safety recall. The move follows the death of a toddler in South Africa. Honda says that the master window switch in the driver's door can malfunction when exposed to large amounts of liquid, for example if the window is left open frequently or for long periods during heavy rain. Water and other fluids can cause the window switch's circuit board to malfunction and prevent opening or closing of the window. In rare cases, the circuit board can overheat causing melting or smoke or, potentially, fire.

Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrids

Ford is contacting US Fusion/Milan customers due to issues with the braking software - although it says that there is no danger, owners of some models have reported a different brake feel which could be perceived as "lack of brakes". Ford is asking owners of affected vehicles to have vehicle software reprogrammed at dealers at no charge.

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