Charles Boles wants a comfortable car for his uncomfortable commute. He says he just wants a hassle-free driving experience. Has £8,000 to spend

A car for the head

What Charles needs is a recently retired executive or luxury car. They depreciate heavily and used buyers can benefit from this, getting a lot of vehicle for hardly any money. It must have an automatic gearbox and a large relaxed engine for the easy life. Arguably the best model of the last few decades for the businessman has been the BMW 5-series. Here is a sophisticated, comfortable and very well equipped model. We found a 2008 2.0 520d M Sport example, with 82,000 miles, two previous owners, a full service history and a full Bluetooth system at £7,990.


A car for the heart

Charles did reveal to us that one vehicle he had never owned, and rather fancied, was a Jaguar. With that in mind there are also lots of XJ models to choose from, but I think he should upgrade to the more modern looking XF. Within his budget Charles would be looking at a 2008 example and I would recommend the petrol option as it would generally have a higher specification. A 3.0i V6 Premium Luxury with just over 100,000 miles on the clock, equipped with a reversing camera, parking aid pack and electric heated seats is a sound choice. At £7,295, it’s the perfect traffic jam companion.

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