The Leaf’s electric motor, fed by 48 lithium-ion cells, gives it measly running costs of just 2p per mile / Nissan

Alan Sutcliffe is interested in running an electric car and wants to know about purchase costs and which one is best for value and build

A Car for the Head

The Nissan Leaf is the best known fully electric car, and it enjoys a deserved reputation for being reliable and well made. Indeed, the Leaf is made in Britain, so we should be proud of that. The simple option might be to buy a used one. Prices start at £6,000 for a 2014 example; however, you will need to lease the battery at around £70 a month, often coming with a lifetime guarantee. It is possible to buy a new Leaf at £199 over 25 months, with a £1,000 deposit contribution from Nissan and free insurance and servicing. 

The Zoe interior is taken straight from the Renault Clio so it’s modern and comes with plenty of technology

A Car for the Heart

The Renault Zoe is the cheeky, well-styled and fun-to-drive take on electric. Used ones start at £5,500 plus the monthly battery lease cost. A new Zoe is available from £18,443 after Government Plug-in Car Grant, plus battery hire from £25 per month. A “Full Purchase” means a choice between full ownership of the vehicle and the battery, or buy-the-car/hire-the-battery schemes. There’s also good news for those who prefer the peace of mind and lower purchase cost of battery hire, with a special offer of lower monthly rates for the Zoe. So there are plenty of buying options in this new arena.

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