Jackie Moorley got in touch about the Nissan Figaro she is desperate to buy. She wants to know if she should....

A car for the head

First off, some explanation. A Nissan Figaro is a rarity which was built for a short period (1991) purely for the Japanese market. The specially-bodied convertible was based on a humble Micra and was arguably the beginning of the trend for manufacturers to go all post-modern and retro. A popular unofficial or “grey” import to the UK, it is difficult to miss. I would give it a miss, though. Parts are difficult to get, it is not very nice to live with or practical. Instead buy a Peugeot 308CC Convertible. Modern, comfortable and a quicky petrol-engined 2009 1.6 VTi is just £4,495.


A car for the heart

Whereas the Peugeot is a coupe/convertible just like the Figaro, the one thing it is not, is very retro. That is, the Peugeot is very obviously a modern car and actually much better for it. However, Jackie really likes the old fashioned details in the Figaro. The Mercedes SLK is one contender, which has some old design cues and the convertible coupe roof arrangement. That may be a bit too sporty, however, and another German car choice would be the (modern) Beetle convertible. We found a 2007 1.4litre Luna finished in white for £4,965. This was at a car supermarket with 70,000 miles. 

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