French car group Peugeot has opened a new style of showroom designed to appeal to urban drivers.

The Peugeot City properties are designed to take up minimal floorspace, making them suitable for cramped urban areas where space is it a premium.

Instead of a full range of cars, only select models will be displayed, accompanied by touchscreen terminals to provide customers with more information. Despite the reduced sales display, a full range of services such as ordering and delivery, financing and mobility will be available in the stores.

Peugeot City is an attempt to capture the cash-rich/time-poor urban audience that often lives or works centrally and is less likely to visit large showrooms in the suburbs. The automaker's first property opened March 24 on rue de Chateaudun in Paris.

Future showrooms are planned in Saudi Arabia and Poland by the end of the year.

Smaller urban stores have proved popular amongst city consumers in the food retail industry. Superstore giants such as Tesco and Carrefour have previously opened up "city" derivatives aimed at capturing the lucrative urban market.


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