If you're ready to go and grab a motor industry career, we've selected some VIPs (very important places) for you to visit and learn more about your options


Does getting paid while you learn sound too good to be true? It's not.

Apprenticeships are offered throughout England

0800 015 0600 www.apprenticeships.org.uk

Careers Scotland

Comprehensive advice and support for those seeking courses and employment in Scotland.

0845 850 2502 www.careers-scotland.org.uk

Careers Service Northern Ireland

Advice and support for students in Northern Ireland, with links to local careers services and courses and job advice.

028 9044 1781 www.careersserviceni.com

Careers Wales

Study options in Wales including Modern Apprenticeships, with links to learndirect.

029 2090 6801 www.careerswales.com

Connexions Direct

The world of work can be a big and confusing place. If you are aged between 13 and 19 why not let Connexions Direct be your guide.

0808 001 3219 www.connexions-direct.com

Graduate Prospects

Promotes higher education careers advice and can help you find routes into work and training.

0161 277 5200 www.prospects.ac.uk


Details on part-time, full-time and evening courses at local level, as well as all sorts of helpful careers information and advice.

0800 100 900 www.learndirect-advice.co.uk

National Council for Work Experience

Providing students and graduates with information about work experience and work-related learning.

0845 601 5510 www.work-experience.org


Promoting learning and work to all adults aged 20 and over, this website will help you to find your nearest office.



For course information you can't do better than UCAS. Here's how to find them.

0870 112 2211 www.ucas.com


Automotive Skills is a good organisation to know about. They've developed loads of really cool resources that will help you find your way - and have fun at the same time!

Careers website

Think of this website as the control centre for your blossoming motor industry career. Not only does it give you all the information you might need about different parts of the industry, different jobs on offer, and the qualifications you need to get in, it also takes you to the next level. There's a built-in course search and a job search facility, so you can see what training is available - and what salary you could be on! Regular competitions mean that you could get even more from this great resource.


Career Driven

Yes, you're reading the magazine as we speak (well done, by the way), but did you know it comes out every six months so that it's always right up to date? And did you also know that you can download it from the careers section of the Automotive Skills website, www.automotiveskills.org.uk? Well, if you didn't, you certainly do now!

Careers information folder

One-page inserts that give you the lowdown on six parts of the motor industry including maintenance; repair and fast-fit; body repair and refinishing; parts; sales; roadside assistance; and rental and leasing. You can download these from the Automotive Skills website as well.


Check out this game-based, interactive CD-ROM, taking you on a journey through AutoCity. You can navigate the 3D plan and visit different employers. It'll tell you all about each area, and show you what to do next. It also links to the Automotive Skills careers website. A portable careers resource, all on one disc.


You can order all of these products (except the website!) by contacting careers@automotiveskills.org.uk or phoning 020-7436 6373. Your teacher or careers adviser can get in touch too.

Freephone careers helpline

Automotive Skills run a free careers helpline, in conjunction with learndirect. Talk to a specialist adviser who can help you find a motor industry course, or give advice on your career in general. Depending on what stage you're at, they may be able to give you specific advice on careers in the motor industry. Choose a time to call when you won't be disturbed, and arm yourself with a pad and pen. The helpline's open from 8am to 10pm seven days a week.

0800 093 1777

Course search

You can access learndirect's course listings through the Automotive Skills careers website - specifically the stuff related to motor industry training.

You'll find everything there, and you can search by location, course type, duration and so on. Want to go full-time or part-time? Just go to www.automotiveskills.org.uk/careers and follow the link marked Courses.

Job search

InAutomotive.com and Automotive Skills provide online insight into careers in the automotive job market. It's an easy way to apply for jobs, and gives employers an opportunity to find you too. You never know, you might be able to sit back and wait for the perfect job to arrive! It costs nothing to register. Log onto www.automotiveskills.org.uk/jobs


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