Cars and luggage, a match made in heaven

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Tumi is to provide custom luggage to owners of Lexus's 2012 LFA supercar, the top-end luggage firm confirmed August 12, continuing a tradition that has been around for decades.

The 500 customers able to get their hands on the $375,000 (€293,000) Lexus LFA will also be able to purchase travel cases that match its look and feel, inscribed with the identification number of each vehicle.

The cases, which are specifically designed to fit the cargo area, will be sized for smaller track racing items such as shoes and gloves and a larger "coastal" case.

The Lexus-Tumi linkup is a relationship modeled on vehicle-luggage deals that have been around for decades.

Italian brand Schedoni, for instance, has created luggage for Ferrari owners since 1977, releasing a new set for every vehicle the iconic automaker produces.

Fellow Italian carmaker Maserati offers luggage designed by Salvatore Ferragamo with its vehicles, and in 2008, Bentley teamed up with Alfred Dunhill for its "Alfred Dunhill for Bentley" range, which is inset with the British marque's logo and, like the upholstery in its cars, handstitched.

Porsche, meanwhile, makes its own collections, releasing a new set for every vehicle to match the style of the car.

At the recent Salon Privé auto event in London, Rolls-Royce showed off its design pedigree in an even more creative way, commissioning its designers to produce a four-person picnic hamper.

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