Chrysler is to become the first automaker to provide its owner information manuals using downloadable mobile apps, it confirmed on June 17.

On June 19, the company will launch its first vehicle information app for the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, before rolling it out to other vehicles owned by the brand such as Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat and Ram trucks.

Chrysler claims an industry first with its downloadable app, although Hyundai announced in April that every owner of the new Equus will receive their owner's manual on an Apple iPad when it launches in September.

Chrysler owners will be able to view standard owner manual details such as information about vehicle operation, instrument panel information, vehicle maintenance, service contracts, and vehicle highlights, but will also be able to order parts and accessories direct from Mopar and even connect to social networking sites.

Blackberry and Android versions will follow the iPhone app, said Pietro Gorlier, the President of Chrysler's customer care brand Mopar, along with a version for Canadian customers.

International versions of the app, likely to prove popular with owners of Fiat vehicles in Europe, are also under consideration, said Gorlier.

For the moment, the applications will be provided for Chrysler's new vehicles, although Gorlier said that the firm will consider producing versions for older models.

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