Car Choice: In today's climate, shopping around will pay you dividends

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Paul Backhouse is 47 and looking to buy something quite soon for cash with no trade-in. Paul will probably have up to £7,000 to spend and is interested in manufacturer deals on small hatchbacks like the Citroën C1 Vibe. However, Paul will also buy a bigger car if the price is right, so he really is after the best bargains.

A car for the head

There are plenty of options for Paul, whether he wants to buy direct from a dealer or use a broker. Indeed, a good broker is a smart first move as they can set a benchmark. Then if you buy through a broker you will end up dealing with a dealer anyway as that is where the car is sourced from, without you risking any money up front. Leading the discount trend for several years now, Citroë*have recently revamped their offers and will give you what they describe as a "dealer contribution" of £1,300, taking the on- the-road price of a C1 down to £6,086. However, a broker can get you a 1.0 Vibe for £5,995 and on a small car that's a big saving. Then there is Ford's latest Fiesta, which one would think is too new to be discounted. Well, a 1.25 Zetec which would normally cost £10,765 in the showroom can be sourced through that same showroom by a broker for just £9,900.

A car for the heart

Assuming that Chevrolet still exists by the time you read this, the company is certainly making an effort to shift its cars. The company has introduced a new small car called the Aveo and has tried to cultivate a more quality and upmarket image. There are soft-touch plastics, and classy dashboard as well as an mpg figure of just over 50. There is a large saving available on the three-door Aveo 1.2 S, with £1,340 off the usual price of £7,535. The older Matiz 1.0 SE can also be bought with money off. This popular five-door city car is available for £5,995 – a saving of £913. The model can also potentially make the magic 50mpg figure overall. Meanwhile, Kia's smallest car, the Picanto, can also be bought for £5,995, although their zero-rate finance offers have been dropped. The best advice to Paul would be to keep his eye on adverts in The Independent for the latest promotions.

Looking to buy?

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