And the winner is .... Well, before we get to the Bangernomic bottom line of just who won my eccentric competition, for those of you who didn't read my feature on 11 May, let me recap. I decided to give away a perfectly good car with a full year's MOT, a brace of new tyres and a recent service . In these difficult, cash-poor times it seemed the right thing to do. All the entrants needed to do was make one of those new-fangled video things explaining just what Bangernomics is.

Ideally, they would do it with a prop in the form of a motor vehicle. The one they thought most represented the Bangernomic ethos. Although I have been on telly myself and been involved in the writing and production of several motoring shows, I didn't quite know what to expect. I certainly didn't bargain on the cinematic epic that was Russell "Spielberg" Gowers celebration of the Rover 416 GSI. He even interviewed the car's owner, Tim Smith, and had titles, tracking shots and a soundtrack. If Russell isn't snapped up by TV there is no justice.

Lewis Wilkinson loved the competition so much he entered it twice, with two great films about his £140 VW Jetta GT, which even had Bangernomics written on to the chalkboard-painted bonnet. Meanwhile Ants Cossar did his best to big up the Ford Orion, while Shaun Beadsworth did the same for the venerable Saab 900.

However, the winner is Dunstan Rickard, who not only got my vote but the popular one, too. Although a fairly shambolic figure mumbled around a green BMW and notched up nearly 4,000 views (Mr J Ruppert), it was Dunstan who racked up significantly more hits than anyone else. That's because he gave a very good explanation of just what Bangernomics is all about and used not one but two vehicles to demonstrate his points, a Peugeot 306 GTi and a Peugeot 406 diesel estate. One was fun but had a tendency to break down, the other was practical, family friendly and frugal. There was also a clever use of props – a packet of sausages, aka bangers.

What also swung it for me was that Dunstan has promised to take my old Bimmer on holiday. That's not only very nice of him, it is also for a good cause: a charity rally from Calais to Casablanca is just one of six events that will raise much-needed funds for the Autistic Society and the school that Dunstan's son Ben attends. So he seemed like the most appropriate winner, a conclusion confirmed when he turned up to collect his prize and didn't seem disappointed that I gave him only one key and remarkably little service history. Ben immediately found the hazard warning lights and electric windows and I was glad they worked having replaced the dead battery a few days previously. Best of all, my lovely car made the 150-mile journey home without incident and Dunstan is still inordinately pleased with it.

Meanwhile, I am stuck with an old Saab that needs a new coil pack and cost £300 to get through the MOT, but that's life and that's Bangernomics.


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