Consumers return to Toyota

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Consumers rushed back to Toyota in March, according to sales figures released on April 1.

The Japanese automaker, which has suffered a hemorrhaging of public support over the past few months over its massive recall program, reported 168,863 units sold in March. This is a surge of 35.3 percent on the same period last year, before the crisis hit.

"Toyota's strong sales performance in March reflects our customers' continued confidence in the safety and reliability of our vehicles and their trust in the brand," said Toyota's Don Esmond "We are standing by our cars, and we're grateful that our customers are standing by Toyota."

Meanwhile, Ford concluded a second record month, shifting 178,546 cars throughout March, a 43 percent year-on-year sales increase. Combined with February's 43 percent gain, the previous months have been the highest monthly sales increases since 1984.

General Motors' brands also reported a 43 percent increase in sales, enough to push them back into top spot for overall sales in March. During March 185,406 GM models were sold, overtaking Ford, which held the top spot in February.

In total, US sales surged 24 percent from the doldrums of March 2009, when automakers faced an almost total collapse in demand.

The best selling car brands in the US - March 2010

1. General Motors
2. Toyota
3. Ford
4. Honda (American)
5. Nissan
6. Chrysler

Data from Monthly US Sales Report by Automotive News/Manufacturers


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