Chrysler has released further photos of its new Chrysler 200 sedan this week, amid rumors that the car could make a transition to Europe.

The new sedan has been extensively overhauled for the 2011 model, says Chrysler, with a new front-end look and new fenders, headlamps, rear lamps, front grille and stop light.

Under the hood, the Chrysler 200 has new 2.4 litre or 3.6 liter V6 gasoline engines, alongside enhancements for a softer, quieter ride.

The interior has also been revamped, with a new instrument panel, upgaded seats and a more efficient heating and cooling system.

While the vehicle will arrive at US dealerships later this year, there are also rumors it could be headed for Europe, where it would be targeted at executives and corporate car fleets to challenge vehicles like the Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat or Peugeot 607.

Automotive News reports that it could be branded a Chrysler in the UK and Ireland and a Lancia in the rest of Europe, and although no firm commitment has been made, Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne said "it could make sense to bring the 200 to Europe."

Italian automaker Fiat owns a 20 percent controlling stake in Chrysler and has committed to boosting sales of its Lancia brand over the coming years.

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