Fans of California-based electric vehicle maker Coda got a boost this week, with the news that they will be able to rent their vehicle from yet another firm despite the launch delay announced earlier this month.

Hertz will rent the Coda Sedan to consumers in California, Coda Automotive confirmed November 22, making it the second major car rental firm due to offer the EV.

In October, a partnership was confirmed between Coda and Hertz's rival firm Enterprise.

Hertz plans to roll out its EV rental program to consumers in the United States and overseas from the start of 2011 - it has already confirmed that it plans to offer the Nissan Leaf in Europe and America.

The support of another rental firm is a welcome boost for Coda, which was due to launch its product alongside industry big boys Nissan and Chevrolet at the Los Angeles Auto Show but ended up drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.

In the weeks before the show, Coda was hit by a series of high-profile management departures, including its CEO Kevin Czinger and sales boss Michael Jackson.

On the eve of the show's press day, Coda confirmed that consumers wouldn't be able to buy the vehicle until the fourth quarter of 2011, although it still managed to debut its EV, promising 40 percent more usable energy than its competitors and a range of up to 120 miles.

Hertz boss Mark P. Frissora said that "the CODA Sedan represents an outstanding zero emissions solution, one that will appeal to the needs of our consumers from urban dwellers, travelers and corporations."

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