Detroit's global gamble wins "Most Significant" award

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The Ford Focus was voted the "Most Significant" vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show by AutoWeek magazine January 14.

The Detroit-based publication praised the European roots of the Focus, Ford's first car to be built using the global C-car common platform. It is hoped that the fusion of American, European and Asian design and production can provide a much-needed boost to the shaken Detroit auto industry.

"This was a unanimous vote, one of the few in the history of the AutoWeek award," said Wes Raynal, editor of AutoWeek and "This car gives Ford and Focus fans their car back. By that we mean enthusiasts have been crying for the European Focus for years and we're finally getting our wish."

The new Focus will eventually be sold in 122 markets, with up to 80 percent parts commonality. It will be built on Ford's new C-car platform, which will underpin up to 10 unique models planned from the automaker.

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