It seems that even greener than green electric cars are going supersized to ensure that they can fit perfectly into the competitive United States auto market.

Mitsubishi has offered a sneak peek at the US-styled i-MiEV, which appears to have undergone a substantial redesign compared to the version currently being prepped for the European markets.

The renderings, posted by Autoblog Green, show a considerably wider model, with a more aggressive front fascia which the blog says "is sure to be more attractive to the vast majority of US shoppers."

Earlier this year, a Mitsubishi official confirmed to Automotive News that the i-MiEV would get fatter to meet American crash standards and cater to US tastes.

The final version is set to be unveiled at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show which runs November 19 - 28, and is expected to go on sale in the US next year.

Electric supercar maker Tesla also confirmed this week that it would release a larger model, with the firm's CEO Elon Musk telling Greentech Media that he hoped to have an electric SUV prototype by the end of next year.

It will be the latest scaling up of Tesla's technology, with the company planning to begin sales of the Model S Sedan to follow its Roadster sports car next year.

Dubbed the model X, Musk said that he hoped to have the new SUV in production within two years of the start of Model S production, promising that "when you consider the gas savings you'd get by having an electric SUV, it's pretty huge."

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