The world's largest car parking operator has announced that it is to install electric vehicle chargers in thousands of its US car parks.

A new agreement announced last week will see electric car charging stations installed in over 2,200 American carparks operated by Central Parking System and its subsidiary, USA Parking System.

The companies operate a combined 1.1 million car parking spaces across the US, many in major destinations such as airports, hotels, stadiums and hospitals.

The chargers will be provided by Car Charging Group and will be part of Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint network, which allows users to log on or use an app to discover available charging stations.

Like with the rest of the ChargePoint network, drivers will need to subscribe to an account and will be charged for the time that they are plugged in.

Car Charging Group's Brian Golomb said that he believed car parks would play "one of the most vital roles in the development of a national EV charging infrastructure."

With some some 40 million plugin vehicles expected to be on the road by 2030, charging infrastructure in countries in North America and Europe is growing rapidly.

One of the largest expected retail hosts of electric charging stations to date in the US has been drugstore chain Walgreens, which is planning to install some 800 locations across that country by the end of this year.


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