Car sales across Europe fell again in August, according to figures that have been released since the beginning of September.

Statistics from the German automakers association the VDA showed that sales plummeted 27 percent in Germany, with both German and foreign brands badly hit, even compared to two years ago.

Italy's new car sales fell by 19.3 percent, said government officials, while Spanish sales fell by 23.8 percent.

British sales also fell by 17.5 percent against a "scrappage-fuelled" 2009, the UK motor industry association SMMT said September 6, warning that the pattern of declines were expected to continue through the year.

In Britain, the Ford Fiesta was the best-selling model in August and the year-to date.

French sales posted a less dramatic fall of 9.9 percent, said France's automakers association the CCFA, with French brands faring slightly better than foreign brands.

Renault was the best-selling single brand in France during August, according to the CCFA figures.

The European falls echo those seen in the US and are in sharp contrast to the boom seen in China, where sales saw a 55.7 percent year-on-year jump thanks to incentives from the government.

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