A-Z Of Marques No 56: Peugeot

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The marque: One of the oldest names in the industry. French since 1889.

The history: Armand Peugeot built a steam car in 1889, a Daimler-engined machine in 1891 and his own power units from 1896. Landmark models include the Bugatti-designed Bebe of 1912 and the Quadrilette of 1920. The first of the models with a zero in the middle of the designation (to facilitate a hole for the starting handle) was the 201 of 1929. Peugeot pioneered the idea of an electric hood folding into the boot and experimented with electric cars in the war. After the war the firm made its reputation with saloons such as the 403 and 404. The front-drive 204 of 1965 was also notable. Appeal to the middle classes broadened by the 205 and its successors. Took over Citroen in 1975 and followed "dual brand" strategy. Now second biggest group in Europe by sales. New 1007 mini MPV promises much.

Defining model: 1983 Peugeot 205. Got them into the big time.

They say: "Take your breath away."

We say: "Where's the four wheel drive?"

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