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For a glimpse of tomorrow's world, head to the RCA's graduate show, says Sean O'Grady
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Britain may not be a great centre for mass vehicle manufacturing any longer, but it can still teach the rest of the world a lesson or two when it comes to design. The Royal College of Art's school of vehicle design has been startling and entertaining us since it was founded in 1967 and, at a time when innovation in car design has to rise to the supreme challenge of climate change, new thinking is needed more than ever.

At this year's degree show, some 15 students from 11 countries, including Britain, Israel, Japan, Canada, Slovenia and India, will be showing off the fruits of their work.

RCA Degree Show, Kensington Gore, London SW7 (020-7590 4498;, to 2 July (closed 30 June)

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