BMW i3

Robin Fisher needs to replace his old VW Polo and is thinking an electric or hybrid (he is wondering about a BMW i3), but would consider a petrol.

A Car for the Head?

In so many ways, the BMW i3 is one glimpse into the future. Before we get there, though, let's look at the other options. Because another glimpse into the future was the Audi A2. Here was an all-aluminium high-rise hatch with premium-car quality and excellently frugal diesel and petrol engines. It only sat four but that is all anyone needs. I think Robin should buy a 1.4 petrol model, which is easy to own. A tidy 2002 model is just £3,000.

A Car for the Heart?

At the other end of the scale and 10 times more expensive is that £30,380 BMW i3 (below). This is the eDrive model that relies on battery power and will run around until the battery runs out. There is, though, the i3 Range extender (£3,830 more), with an engine that keeps the battery topped up with charge. BMW is immensely clever, not least because all its i3s are sold out. Buying a second-hand i3 would mark Robin out as bang on trend. He'll save money on fuel – but it will cost much more to buy. James Ruppert

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