When's it going?

You have to wait until February for the all-new Punto. Meanwhile, the current one will be heavily discounted.

What's good about it?

Fiat do small cars really well. The Punto is very roomy, head and leg-room are more than adequate and the boot is big. There's plenty of grip, sharp steering, but not hugely powerful engines. The 1.1-litre struggles; the 1.2 is the best compromise.

What's bad about it?

Fiat waited 10 years to change the Punto, and it seems old. Depreciation is horrendous. The seats are less than supportive and ride rather firm.

How much?

Up to £2,500 off at a Fiat dealer; you can buy a Punto Sole Special Edition for £6,995. Brokers: a 1.2 Active, usually £7,595, for £5,973 ( ukcarbroker.co.uk ) and £6,195 ( drivethedeal.co.uk).

Any Snags?

Head gaskets; and there was a problem with filling up with fuel.

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