When is it going?

When is it going?

You can buy the revised Jazz from now. However, if you want to buy the near-identical older specification Jazz, then there are still some around. It may have the old front and rear styling and an unrefreshed interior and not be available with a 1.2-litre entry-level model, but never mind, the old one's fine for normal, small hatchback duties.

What's good about it?

What we have here is a compact hatchback which has lots of flexible space inside to keep passengers happy and accommodate odd loads.

Yes the Jazz is such an ingenious little car it is hard to find a rival

model from any other manufacturer which is any better. The well-proportioned small people carrier styling is one of the key reasons why the Jazz works so well. At the back is a very large boot and the load area can easily be modified. Fold the rear seats into the footwells for a completely flat floor or just fold the seat bases forward to effectively create two separate boot areas. That is very clever and all passengers appreciate the extra head and leg room. The high driving position is great for the driver and there is

lots of adjustment in the seats and steering wheel. Under the bonnet is an efficient 1.4 litre petrol engine which delivers almost 50mpg across the range, which is very impressive.

What's bad about it?

Magazine road testers claim that the ride quality is not as good as many rivals. Over a pot-holey urban road, the Jazz can bob around a bit. Even so, the handling is never less than safe. The Jazz is relatively expensive but then you only get what you pay for. What you can't pitch at is the build quality or the excellent engine.

How much?

Getting money off a brand new Jazz has always been a challenge and only amounts to hundreds rather than any four-figure sum. Broadspeed 0208 387 8387 could get a 1.4 Dsi S at £8,736 down from £9,100. Honda dealers are clearing stock and have '04-registered models on offer. Wandsworth Honda 0208 871 9495 had a brace of SE automatic models at £10,895.

Any snags?

Nope. It's a Honda and it is very well built and if looked after, ultra reliable.


Launched: 2001

Engine: 1.4 petrol

Performance: 1.4, 106mph; 0-60mph in 12 secs

Economy: 1.4, 49.6mpg

NCAP: Four stars

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