When is it going?

When is it going?

Officially, the old Coupé has gone, replaced by a facelifted one with a redesigned front profile, an aggressive-looking front air-intake, new side "shark gills", new rear light clusters, and so on. It's leaner and meaner. But the old one looked fine, so save yourself a few bob.

What's good about it?

It looks great. The Coupé has turned heads since it was launched in 1996. Overall, the interior is well finished. The driving experience isn't bad: it's not a hardcore racer, but handles well enough. Go for the 2.0 engine. There's a club (www.hyundaicoupe. info) and a five-year warranty.

What's bad about it?

The lack of an iconic badge. Some people find the handling and the engines underwhelming.

How much?

£14,500 to £18,500 is the official price range, and Hyundai has been offering a year's free insurance. Dealer SG Petch (01325 488886) has a 2004-registered 1.6 at £11,995. Probably better would be a 2.5 V6 with delivery miles at £14,995, a special edition down from £18,795. Virgin Cars offered a pre-registered 2.0 SE at £14,499 (usually £16,795).

Any snags?

Few. Avoid imported versions with 1.8 engines, never sold in the UK. Owners noticed (mainly on older models) some cracked exhaust manifolds, seized rear brake calipers and rust on sunroof edges.


Launched 2001

Engine 1.6; 2.0; 2.7

Performance (2.0) top speed 128mph; 0-60 in 9.2 secs

Economy 33.6mpg

NCAP not tested

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