When is it going?

When is it going?

From this month, a slightly updated Patrol has been on sale in the UK. The new model looks marginally different and has a tweaked engine, but this XXXL-scale off-roader remains the same basic package.

What's good about it?

Since an earlier revision, in 1998, the Patrol has provided acres of internal space, with five-door models and seven seats. The build quality is good and the smartened interior is pleasant. A starting price of £24K is reasonable, and the three-year warranty is reassuring. It's safe, with airbags as standard and ABS brakes. Diesel consumption is respectable at the mid-20s. Group 14 insurance.

What's bad about it?

Range Rover, Shogun, Landcruiser and Trooper do the oversized 4x4 with much more style. The truth is that the Patrol is not so hot on tarmac. There is lots of leaning on bends and the steering feels less than direct. The 2.8-litre six-cylinder turbo diesel engine linked to a manual gearbox is the Patrol's downfall. On the road it is sluggish, taking 18 seconds to reach 60mph. Off-road, the engine struggles to provide low-rev power.

How much?

Brokers can get about £700 off. Autoebid.com managed to get a 3.0Di which retails at £24,245, down to £22,134; Broadspeed.com offered an identical model for £22,007.

Any snags?

Patrols are highly reliable. There has been only one recall, in 2000, when the security of the brake-pedal pivot-pin was questioned. Dealers should have fixed the problem.


Launched: 1998

Engine: 2.8 TD 3.0 Di

Performance: 3.0 Di top speed 99mph 0-60mph 15 secs

Economy: 26.2mpg

NCAP: not tested, but airbags on 3.0 Di and side airbags on SE+

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