When is it going?

The last of the outgoing Porsche Boxsters may still be available, but you will have to wait between nine months and a year to get one. There are always older models, bought by 18,298 residents in the UK.

What's good about it?

It looks remarkably like the original Boxsterconcept unveiled in Detroit in 1993, using retro elements of the 1950s 356 Speedster and 550 Spyder.Essentially, the "push-me-pull-you" styling remained when it was launched in 1996. It was also pretty much the same from the windscreen forward as the upcoming 996 model 911. Parts-sharing was all part of the cost-saving equation, but one thing the Boxster was not going to get was anything too near the 911's power output. Buyers had to make do with just 204bhp. It still delivered 140mph, and 60mph in 6.5 seconds. It was well finished, purposeful, unmistakably Porsche and more satisfying than its rivals - the Merc SLK and BMW Z3. There has rarely been a more completely satisfying sports car package that charges hard and sounds great

What's bad about it?

It is pricey. Porsche did not need to alienate 911 cabriolet owners who had paid more than £71,000, when they could have paid £33,950 for a Boxster. However, the extras made the Boxster reassuringly expensive at £40,000-plus. The Tiptronic gearbox makes changes a bit slow.

How much?

The Paragon dealership (01825 830424) has several 2003 and 2004-registered examples. See its website: www.paragon.gb.com.

Any snags?

Look out for cars on sale that don't have any service history or registration documents.


Launched 1996

Engine 2.5, 2.7, 3.2S

Performance 2.7: top speed 155mph, 0-60mph in 6.6 secs

Economy 2.7: 28.5mpg

NCAP Not tested

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