When's it going?

Obviously the Land Cruiser can go anywhere it wants, but in this case it is only the top of the Range LC5 that is being replaced by the modestly named Invincible. It's got Bluetooth, a rear-parking monitor, black wood trim inserts and a leather and wood multi-function steering wheel. On the outside there is rear privacy glass, a new front grille and 17-inch alloy wheels.

What's good about it?

It isn't a Range Rover, so you won't be mistaken for a property developer, WAG or other ne'er-do-well. A Land Cruiser suggests you are a farmer whose got a bit too much spare CAP subsidy. The truth is that if you fetched up in the middle of nowhere and want to get somewhere else, then, be it the outback, bush or muddy East Anglian ditch, the Land Cruiser won't let you down. Indeed, the off-road pecking order is clear in rural parts, where the Land Cruiser is the arable landed gentry's 4x4 of choice, but yet its image is still working class. This is a vehicle that is absolutely huge, yet could not be easier to drive. The handling is more than competent, given its size, and it is refined enough to be mistaken for a luxury car. It will seat eight, too, so it's a multi-purpose vehicle for larger families. Toyota always understood the importance of oil burning efficiency, reliability and sheer grunt, so turbo diesels have always been the backbone of the range.

What's bad about it?

So the Land Cruiser delivers decent handling and a refined ride. It also boasts incredible reliability. The worst that you can say of a Land Cruiser is that the interior is dull. That's relative, though, because the fit and finish are superb. No, the worst thing about the Land Cruiser is the running costs. You'd be mad to run the 4.7 V8 petrol, which would struggle to 17mpg, but then big cars have big running costs, so there is no surprise there. However, its reliability means that you won't be paying out unnecessarily.

How much?

There are deals available through independent brokers and even Toyota dealers. Broker4Cars.co.uk (01773 512806) is offering an LC5 3.0 D-4D (8 Seats) at £33,388 down from £36,795 saving £3,407. Then over at Hodgson Toyota (0191 414 0901) a 1,500-mile example with absolutely everything as standard was on offer at £32,495.

Any snags?

None. The engines are amazingly tough and will easily run up a 200,000 miles. If it is tired, though, it should be easy enough to spot. Neglected ones can blow head gaskets and maybe need a new turbo. Cambelts need to be changed at the 60,000-mile interval and it would be nice to see some history proving that this has been done.

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