One for the Road: A car with eco-conscious reliability


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Peter Hall's Volvo S40 is getting old and expensive to run and wants something more economical, reliable and environmentally friendly.

A car for the head

Actually Peter's Volvo has done well and may well last another 100K after recent repairs. But he is a bit disillusioned and probably fancies a change, especially if that means lower running costs and improved reliability. In that case he should consider a Honda Civic IMA. That is a hybrid car with petrol and electric power that will return over 60mpg and being a Honda won't break down. Just £2,600 buys a 2004 example with 75,000 miles in comprehensive executive specification and a full service.

A car for the heart

How about a hatchback? The best value hybrid car would be a Prius (pictured above). £3,250 will buy a 2005 example with Spirit specification which includes a now rather old Satnav system and cruise control. It will have covered over 100K miles but be in immaculate condition and some cars of this age have had their battery packs overhauled. So there should be a good few years of trouble-free operation ahead. Plus, it is an easy car to drive.

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