For reliability and value, Marsha should seek out a Nissan Primera


Marsha McKinley has a couple of lively Labradors that go everywhere with her. She has £2,000 in the kitty....

A car for the head

Marsha needs to avoid the fashionable compact people-carrier and go for something just as practical. The estate car is now an overlooked model yet it offers lots of space at a very affordable price. For reliability and value, Marsha should seek out a Nissan Primera (pictured above). It is possible to get a very well-equipped example for just over £1,000. The SVE model comes with lots of standard kit including climate control and even a satnav. I found a 2003 example in the classified ads with full service history.

A car for the heart

I know that Marsha is not that bothered about cars, but a Ford Mondeo has been for some time one of the largest, best-value and nicest to drive of all estates. The steering is sharp and the sporty driver will really enjoy every journey. Everyone will appreciate the smooth ride, ironing out all the road imperfections with ease. There are some good engine options, starting with the 1.8 and 2.0 petrols. A 2.0 2004 Zetec with 80,000 miles and two previous owners is £1,000.

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