One for the Road: A classy coupé for a commute


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Sam Naz has up to £12,000 to spend on a stylish coupé, such as an Audi A5, for his 40-mile commute.

A Car for the Head

Sam is keen on reliability, having endured several bad experiences over the years, so he needs a Japanese car. He has a decent budget, which means he could buy a Honda Civic. It is a distinctive-looking car that's built in Britain and is fun to own and drive. I don't think Sam has to spend as much as £12,000 when just £7,000 will buy a dealer- supplied 2007 Type S GT with 50,000 miles and a full service history. It is not just sporty and does more than 40mpg.

A Car for the Heart

I know Sam is really keen on an Audi so it would be a good idea to keep him happy and find the perfect A5 (above). I would be inclined to avoid high-mileage, diesel-engined models that can be troublesome and expensive to repair and maintain. For that reason, a petrol engine would be far better for a budget Audi A5 buyer. One of the best-value models I have seen was a 2008 1.8T FSI that had covered 103,000 miles with a full dealership history for just over £8,000.

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