The Saab 9-5 has a huge boot


Philip Dunn has an injured back and needs an automatic and a reasonably big boot. He has £7,000 to £12,000 to spend.

A car for the head

I know Philip has looked at a Vauxhall Insignia SRI, and the dealer made a big thing of the ergonomic seats: the fully orthopaedic sports seat adjusts eight ways with four-way pneumatic lumbar support. Also, the adjustable seat-extension cushion delivers relaxing leg support. At the top end, it has perforated leather in black and beige, with heating and ventilation at finger-tip operation. Vauxhalls are also good value. A 2009 2.0 CDTI with 56,000 miles and a full dealer history and automatic gearbox costs £7,000.

A car for the heart

The most comfy seats I've ever owned have all belonged to Saabs, as the Swedish company that no longer officially exists in the UK seemed to fully understand what the long-distance driver wanted. That was safety, smooth ride, lots of space, a lazy engine and seats you could climb out of and feel refreshed after a three-hour drive. I would direct Philip toward a 9-5, (pictured above), which has a huge boot: £7,000 buys a 2008 automatic Estate with 53,000 miles with Vector Sport spec and those great seats.

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