One for the Road: Replacement for a Kia Rio


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Martin Beckett likes his Kia Rio but it is not comfortable and he has £6,000 to spend on an economical replacement.

A car for the head

I would say that Martin might get around £2,500 for his Kia so his budget shoots up to £8,500. The problem with many cars today is sporty, firm suspension and low-profile wheels which can add up to a harsh ride. In that case I think it is worth looking at the Skoda Fabia. Here is a nicely proportioned hatchback which is well built that makes it quiet and the ride is supple. The 1.6TDI CR 105 SE is supposed to return 67.3mpg and a 2011 example with 25k miles is £8,000.

A car for the heart

Citroën has for years had a reputation for making comfortable cars. The latest C3 model is not that stylish and arguably a bit dull, but I don't think Martin is all that bothered about the styling. What he should appreciate is the fact that this version is very refined with one of the softest rides of any smallish hatchback on sale. As economy is important then it has to be the 1.4 HDi which has some impressive mpg stats. According to the official figures the C3 should return 72.4. £8,000 buys a 2010 VTR+ model.

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