1. Although with a Lotus heritage, the all enclosed and ultra light weight Donkervoort D8 GT roadster is a big beautiful step forward.

2. The striking Mastretta MTX and its plans for global dominance.

3. The Hulme - who would have ever thought that the world needs a Kiwi super car?

4. The planned Spanish supercar called the Tramontana with its BiTurbo V12 with up to 720hp and estimated top speed of 220mph

5. Husband and wife team of designers Guido and Shama Bothe have entertained the Bollywood set with India's first roadster the Mumbai built 1.8 620kg Chinkara. If anyone's brave enough to drive it on Indian roads that is, even with it's tractor like suspension.

6. The Birkin S3 roadster for a good £5000-cheaper-than-a-Caterham Springbok fun

7. The JVA 550 Porsche look-a-like which is all Latin underneath.

8. The ones that got away. Any car from the long defunct - and always about to be revived - Australian manufacturer Bolwell.

9 Czech mate - the striking Kaipan and conservative Gordon roadsters.

10 The ESTfield - ok it's another Lotus 7 a-like but is manufactured in Estonia on Lada mechanicals with any engine you want including a 5.8lt Chevy v8!

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