Fiat 500 named 'coolest' low-cost car

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Influential US auto publication Kelley Blue Book has named the ten "coolest" cars for under $18,000 (€12,700).

Acknowledging that buying a cheaper car often requires sacrificing some degree of cool, the magazine said Friday that getting a bargain in these economic times is more special than ever.

In first place was the Fiat 500, a design originally out of Italy which is now taking US roads by storm after being added to the lineup of models from Detroit's Chrysler.

"It's seven inches shorter than a Mini Cooper and positively adorable, but spend a day driving Fiat's first U.S. offering in 28 years, and you'll discover a comfortable, livable, well-built sub-compact car that just happens to have 10 times the personality of some of its cookie-cutter competitor," said the publication.

The Fiat wasn't the only European model to make the list, with the Volkswagen Jetta coming in at eighth place, although the show was stolen by cars from Asia - between Mazda, Honda, Kia, Nissan and Hyundai, six out of the top ten places went to imported models.

That left Ford with two top spots and poor General Motors, which owns Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC among others, with none.'s 2011 Top 10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000

1. Fiat 500
2. Mazda 3
3. Ford Fiesta
4. Honda Fit
5. Kia Forte Koup
6. Honda Civic
7. Ford Focus
8. Volkswagen Jetta
9. Nissan Cube
10. Hyundai Elantra


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