Ford boosted February sales in the US market by a staggering 43 percent, according to figures released March 2.

The company overtook General Motors to become the US's best-selling brand in February 2010, with just over 142,000 cars sold. The growth was primarily driven by the sales of smaller vehicles, with cars up 54 percent versus a year ago, utilities up 39 percent, and trucks up 36 percent. Sales of the Ford Fusion more than doubled, year-on-year, said the automaker.

"The Fusion was the biggest percentage increase and amazingly the car, ever since it was introduced, has 10 monthly sales records in the last 11 months," said Ford sales analyst George Pipas. "And this kind of economic backdrop, that's really an impressive performance."

Sales of General Motors vehicles also rose by 12 percent to 141,535 and the embattled Toyota took third place, posting a 9 percent fall to just over 100,000 vehicles. Although Toyota lost highest volume of sales (9,555 vehicles between 2009 and 2010), Suzuki posted the highest percentage fall of 61 percent.

In total, 780,463 cars were sold in the US through February 2010, a rise of 13 percent on February 2009. It takes the total car sales this year to 1.47 million, up 10 percent on 2009.

The Top Ten Automakers in the US - February 2010

1. Ford Motor Co.
2. General Motors
3. Toyota
4. American Honda
5. Chrysler LLC
6. Nissan
7. Hyundai Group
8. VW
9. Subaru
10. BMW Group

Data from Monthly US Sales Report by Automotive News/Manufacturers


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