Ford wraps up technology and design in new concept

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US auto giant Ford has unveiled a new concept that offers a glimpse at its new global design language.

The Ford Evos, set to premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, is a fastback four-door concept that packs futuristic technology with several styling elements that are also likely to debut in future Ford models.

With a relatively standard lithium-ion plug-in hybrid engine, the bulk of Evos's technology is personal, with Ford saying that it wanted to produce a personalized experience that linked drivers with the cloud.

That means that the car recognizes each driver, automatically adjusting hadling, steering and engine controls accordingly, as well as cuing music or news programs that it knows the driver was listening to before they got into the vehicle.

After learning driver habits, the vehicle amalgamates them with data such as terrain and weather to fine-tune engine, steering and braking performance, as well as minimizing the amount of time that the engine spends burning fuel on the journey (switching to all-electric mode, for example, if it senses that the journey is a standard short commute).

As Ford has previously suggested, it is still working on health management systems, showcasing a heart-rate monitor and air-quality sensors that can suggest a better route if the driver is known to suffer from allergies.

A trapezoidal grille, similar to those used by Audis and Aston Martins, adds a 'premium' look, while a section of the roof is glazed, a nod to Ford's popular Vista Roof option.

The most striking aspect of pictures released so far, however, are the four full gullwing doors, which scissor upwards to allow easy entry to the vehicle.

The model will be on display from September 15-25 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

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