Formula Student Winner Profile 1

'Winning is incredible. I'll be here for another year, then I'll move into the automotive supplier industry'
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It's going to be a year to remember for the students of Stuttgart University, after winning pole position in the IMechE FS event. Not only did the talented team of young people studying engineering, economics and aerospace win the overall competition – they also won every dynamic prize.

Team leader, Simeon Teufel, 23, says: “Winning FS is just incredible – just amazing. In a way, it is like winning Wimbledon for us. It hasn’t really sunk in yet, maybe after a few beers we will really believe it.”

He adds: “I’m in Formula Student for another year, then I want to go into the automotive supplier industry in Stuttgart. When I was younger, I was into finding out how things work, analysing things and looking at their design – it gave me the desire to be an engineer.”

It is the first time the team, which had an incredible 32 people working at this year’s event, has ever won IMechE FS.

Technical leader, Sascha Gemeighardt, 26, says: “Camaraderie, teamwork, and working to real deadlines are just some of the skills the team has picked up.”

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