Freshly minted Polo in October

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If you want to buy a small car, do not buy a Volkswagen Polo. It is not that the Polo is bad; merely that most of its rivals are so much better.

VW has largely ignored its smallest car, putting time and money into its big seller (in Germany), the Golf.

So while the Golf has evolved and is without doubt one of the best cars in its class, the littlest People's Car has been left to flounder.

It is largely unloved by the public too, if European sales are anything to go by. Small wonder. It is still the only car in its class not offered in five-door form.

Compared with any small French car, the latest Fiat Punto, cute little Vauxhall Corsa or anything else in the segment, the Polo feels what it is: 13 years old (give or take the odd facelift).

VW is hoping to change that. There will be a new Polo in October, in time for the Birmingham Show. It's all-new, rather than just a rehash of the old timer, and gets more cabin room as well as (at last) a five-door option. Prices will be higher than the current Polo (which starts from pounds 5,995). There is a choice of three petrol engines, plus a 64bhp diesel unit.

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