Geneva Motor Show 2011: Renault announces pricing for Twizy EV

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Renault has revealed the starting price for its forthcoming Twizy electric vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Twizy, set for release at the end of this year, will retail for only €6,900, putting it in line with three-wheeled scooters rather than the electric cars currently being proposed by the likes of Mitsubishi and Smart.

In common with its electric siblings from Renault, the Fluence Z.E. and the Kangoo Z.E., consumers will lease the vehicle's battery for a monthly fee of €45, which covers an annual distance of 7,500 km.

The Twizy has a length similar to a motorcycle and is an average 30 cm narrower than a typical micro city car, says Renault, making it suitable for built-up cities where traffic is a problem.

Tests conducted in Paris suggest that the Twizy can shave up to seven minutes from a journey which would take 30 minutes in a Smart-sized car, and although the Twizy's design is less conventional, Renault says that the safety cell and airbags protect the driver and offer complete safety.

As the vehicle has open sides, the driver and passenger (who is seated in the rear) can use a protective apron to keep them warm and dry in bad weather conditions.

It can manage a range of up to 155 km, says Renault, and is charged in approximately three and a half hours using a domestic charger and a cable stowed in the vehicle.

The Twizy is on show, along with several new concepts from Renault, at the Geneva Motor Show, which opens to the public March 3-13.

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