Geneva Motor Show 2011: Skoda unveils new brand design

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Czech automaker Skoda has launched a new direction for its brand at this year's Geneva Motor Show.

The Volkwagen-owned company says that it is gearing up to intensify its activity in Europe, China, India and Russia and is reportedly planning a new product offensive which will see new vehicles released every six months on average from next year.

The brand revamp was showcased at Geneva by the VisionD concept, a midsize vehicle aimed at the market-leading Ford Mondeo which Skoda says singles out some of the company's characteristic design elements.

Although further details were somewhat sketchy, this apparently means "above average" interior space and an integrated tailgate for the rear of the concept, which features a long wheelbase which builds on previous models such as the Octavia.

A new logo for the automaker has also been released, making the winged arrow design larger and more visible with a brighter color.

Skoda has seen considerable growth over the past year, breaking several of its own sales records thanks to continued expansion in emerging markets, China in particular.

The Octavia is by far its most popular vehicle, selling 318,900 models in 2010.

The Geneva Motor Show is open to the public March 3 - 13 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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