Honda debuts new CR-V concept in Orange County


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Honda has debuted a concept which hints at the latest version of its best-selling CR-V SUV, to mixed reactions from commentators and bloggers.

The model, which is currently on show at the Orange County International Auto Show, is a near-production concept which gives the best glimpse consumers are likely to get of the fourth-generation CR-V before it's released later this year.

The model introduced this week is slightly more aggressive, with a bolder front fascia and a lower front bumper, along with deeper sculpting of the body and large 5-spoke alloy wheels.

Details about the new powertrains haven't been released, but they're expected to be more economical than the current model's offering.

The CR-V is sold around the world and was America's best-selling SUV between 2007 and 2010, making it one of Honda's star products - and a formula the brand clearly doesn't want to take any risks with.

Commenting on the launch, CNet's Wayne Cunningham said that the concept "doesn't mess with success," but added that the model "fails to establish a recognizable Honda design language, a look that could establish a distinctive Honda identity across its model line-up."

Automotive blog InsideLine disagreed, however, describing the concept as an "edgier design approach" and asking "Is Honda showing a more fearless design direction with the 2012 Honda CR-V Concept?"

Autoblog's Jeff Glucker, meanwhile, described the move as a "serious style upgrade."

The Orange County International Auto Show runs through September 25 in Anaheim, CA, USA.

Take a look at the unveil:

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