Infiniti announced October 8 that they will introduce their first hybrid ever in 2011 with their M35 Hybrid luxury sedan.

The 2012 M35 hybrid will be in sale across 33 countries sometime in 2011, according to the manufacturer. Gasoline and diesel versions of the M35 will be introduced with equal reach in spring 2010, marking the worldwide debut of the all-new Infiniti M line.

Infiniti is already a common brand in the US and Japan but the line has only recently been introduced in Europe.

Fuel economy and other details were not released, but the four-door midsize sedan will be aimed more at performance than fuel efficiency, seeking to compete with the recently announced Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and BMW hybrids.

This is the first hybrid powertrain developed by Nissan, the parent company of their luxury brand Infiniti, and features the regenerative breaking/coasting technology now prevalent in many eco-friendly cars.

The electric motor will push the car at low speeds but will mainly support the large V6 gasoline engine at faster velocities.

Apparently Nissan engineers are not focusing solely on electric vehicles and their widely-anticipated Leaf EV, due for worldwide release in 2010.

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