Only days from the release of Apple's much-hyped iPad, a second automaker has announced that it plans to develop a publishing presence on the device.

US car brand Cadillac, a division of GM, has announced a partnership with design website Cool Hunting to develop an app for the iPad, which goes on sale in the US on April 3.

The new app will feature content from the influential Cool Hunting blog, described as a "daily look at ideas and products on the intersection of art, design, culture and technology."

Cadillac appears to have found a way around its partner's claim that "Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can't buy you coverage on Cool Hunting." The new app will feature coverage inspired by the "CTS Coupe's dramatic design and performance," as well as unique content on the sports car.

"CTS Coupe is designed to capture the imagination of a new generation of luxury and sports car buyers," said Cadillac's Don Butler. "We're pleased that the car inspires this type of innovative content, reaching leading edge consumers."

The iPad's launch audience of design-aware young people with disposable income is clearly a market luxury car manufacturers are keen to appeal to.

Last week, luxury Japanese brand Infiniti announced that it would publish an iPad version of its own customer magazine, Adeyaka.

At the time, publisher köckritzdörrich said that the app allowed the Infiniti brand experience to "be communicated with an intensity that was not possible before."

Adeyaka, which is available online in six languages, has a similar focus on new and inspiring products.

Both products will be available from the Apple App Store - the Cadillac app will launch on April 3 and Infiniti's will be available in May.

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